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The information loaded in Marco Robinson's 
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If you're trying to figure out Bitcoin by fitting it into what you already know about money and finances then you're missing the point. 
Cryptocurrencies broke the paradigm.
This has created a new world.

Just as in the popular film, The Matrix, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies leaves us with the question; 

“What is real?”  
The information loaded in 
Marco Robinson's 
NEW BOOK is in huge demand!  Don't miss this!!!

If you're trying to figure out Bitcoin 
by fitting it into what you already know about money and finances 
then you're missing the point. 

broke the paradigm.
This has created a new world.

Just as in the popular film, The Matrix, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies leaves us with the question; 

“What is real?”  
Find out NOW! 
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MONEY - Banks VS Cryptocurrency
Banks VS Cryptocurrency
Which has INCREASED in VALUE over 800,000 times in the last 10 years?!

ADDICTION - Drugs vs Salary
Which is the greatest addiction keeping you chained to poverty?

FREEDOM - Truth or Tradition
What is the truth serum that will set you free from a lifetime of struggles?

what is being hidden from you every time you step into the bank?
the truth!
what the banks are hiding from you 
Now exposed in this book
Many authorities, 
especially governments and banks, 
will tell you Bitcoin is:
 - a scam
 - not real
- a bubble ready to burst

as the reserve currency...
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The Overview...
The Inception
Do you have the financial knowledge and technical understanding to survive in the upcoming economy?

Across the world societies are taught to trust traditional education, government and banks with currency, however, the world's financial crisis will continue to linger, and grow, unless a shift in education and financial literacy begins immediately. 
In order to thrive in the future economy we must develop creative thinkers, visionaries, dreamers and entrepreneurs who will excel in the technology our future currency will be built upon.  

Marco Robinson isn't just surviving, he is competing with the banks to buy bitcoin, outgrowing the parameters of traditional banking.
The Plunge
The indoctrinated idea that having a salary will provide for your family, only to realize it leaves you living paycheck to paycheck, feels like suffocation. 

Buying into the lie that status quo is good enough to make it when in reality it only leads you one step away from the food stamp line, is devastating.

The TRUTH is..... 
A salary is the MOST addictive drug ever created.  
"Having a SALARY makes you believe that somehow the system, by the time you are ready to retire, will save you.  The REALITY is you will find yourself sitting in front of a screen slowly withering away on a "pension", alone in darkness. ". 
The Extortion
The idea that Bitcoin is kryptonite is screamed from the hilltops, but be aware it is from wolf in sheeps clothing. 

Understanding cryptocurrency and the opportunities for financial freedom to succeed in this life is exactly what THEY don't want you to know.

Those who currently control currency have one goal - keep the secret from you!

Banker Jamie Dimon, head of JP Morgan, went on record in October 2017 saying, "Bitcoin is a fraud", leading to a 20% drop in Bitcoin.  His team shorted Bitcoin that day and made millions!
Jamie Dimon reversed his opinion on Bitcoin in March 2018! 
He said “I regret calling Bitcoin a fraud I believe Bitcoin and Blockchain technology will make the world a safer and more transparent place...”
The Resolution
Here is your opportunity to wake up and LEARN...

BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY is the most secure, transparent and simple way of sending money because you don't need a middle man. 
It has millions of applications from sending diamonds from non conflict origins to auditing every package that comes to you and where it’s been 
along the way. It's like the eagle's view from the height of peaks.  
You have a choice to make, right here, right now... 
Are you ready to wake up to the TRUTH SERUM! 
Marco Robinson Is On A Massive Mission To Build Empires
Marco Robinson
Is On A Massive Mission To 
Build Empires
Marco Robinson - in an Award Winning Entrepreneur, Prime Time TV Star, Philanthropist, #1 Bestselling Author, World Renowned Property Investor and Cryptocurrency expert.

With Real Estate, especially investment property, Marco studied the system and  strategy just like playing a game of chess.  

He is now using that same skill to create wealth and knowledge with cryptocurrency.  

His success and knowledge has led him across the globe leading workshops on creating wealth through business, entrepreneurship and most recently, with cryptocurrency.

Marco Robinson
Marco Robinson Came From Humble Beginnings. 
Marco Wasn't Born Into A Family Of Wealth,  
Quite The Opposite, actually. 
His Father's Gambling Squandered All Of Their Income And His Mum Had The Courge To Set Out To Make A Better Life With Marco In Her Arms.  
His Mum Found Herself On The Doorstep Of Her Family Home, Pleading For A Place To Sleep. 
Little Did His Mum Realize, 
She Would Be Rejected And 
The Life Began Sleeping On Park Benches. 
For The Next 10 Years, Off and On, 
The Streets Were Home
A Turning Point, At The Age Of 15, Revolutionized Marco's Life In No Longer Being The Target Of Bullies.
Twenty Boys Set Out To Give Him The Worst Beating Of His Life.... 
➯ The Chapters Have The Details ⇦
Years After... "BEST EVER CHILDHOOD I COULD HAVE EVER HAVE WISHED FOR, because it made me the man I am today, 
it made me look out for the people who 
cannot help themselves, it gave me the experience to deal with disappointment, despair, and fear, it weaponised me."   
Marco Robinson
Marco's childhood created in him a perspective and outlook on life driving him to learn about what makes money work harder. His ability to learn the strategy is so strong that at a young age he started predicting years ahead what would happen to Property Markets all over the World.  He landed FRONT PAGE space and feature stories in International Newspapers about his success at predicting Global Property Trends and developed four Award Winning Research Tools to help other people do the same.
He has made countless National Radio and TV appearances and has spoken at the prestigious Napoleon Hill International Conference, the Ogilvy DO Debates, Bloomberg, and Forbes. He is in high demand on the speaking circuit and is invited to talk on various platforms around the globe with appearances in Print Newspapers including the Telegraph, The Independent & The Daily Mail, High Flying magazine publications including FLYBE, City Airport Magazines, TV talk shows and Prime Time TV slots. 

His New Book: "On The 2nd Day God Created Bicoin And Blockchain" now marks the Trilogy of Creating the Pathway to Freedom for the Entrepreneur. 
Marco Robinson is one of very few speakers in the world regularly headlining the most prestigious Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Technology & Entrepreneurship events.
  •  2018 Mandalay Bay ChainXChange Speaker
  •  2018 World Crypto Con Speaker
  •  2018 Regulation for Cryptocurrencies Panel
  • 2018 Dubai International Blockchain Summit Speaker
Marco Robinson's Community Involvment... 
He is the FIRST Entrepreneur to give away one of his properties FOR FREE with no mortgage in a free entry competition! This has gone viral, worldwide.
Marco Robinson was given the honorary title of 
Dato’ Seri (knighthood) for his work with charity particularly in helping the blind in Malaysia be allowed guide dogs to be allowed into the country. This initiative started with the successful short documentary “Are You Blind” attracting over 15 million viewers.
Marco was also asked by Channel 4 TV Station in the UK to give away a house on a prime tv show to address 
 the social housing issue in the country: 
The Channel 4 trailer can be seen here;
don't wait until it's too late.....
the choice is yours to understand the freedom that comes with cryptocurrencies.
Read the book and see what has been hidden from you. 
Instant Access To The First Three Chapters FREE Of Marco Robinson's "On The 2nd Day God Created Bitcoin and Blockchain"
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Gain Instant Access To The First Three Chapters FREE Of Marco Robinson's 
"On The 2nd Day God Created Bitcoin and Blockchain"
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